In keeping with industry standards and regulatory requirements, the QSuper Board has established the QSuper Governance Policy. Its role is to make sure the Board has a clearly defined, transparent framework for the division of responsibilities in the oversight and operation of QSuper, as well as the accountability and suitability of all parties involved in the supervision and administration of the Fund. 

Board members must act in accordance with the covenants of section 52 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. 

The Executive Committee and QSuper Group entities have also established policies and procedures to make sure management and staff meet high standards of professionalism and integrity, and comply with industry standards and legal requirements.

The Board takes risk management seriously, which is why it devotes considerable effort to continually improve its Risk Management Framework. The framework enables QSuper to operate prudently and protect the interests of its members.
The Board has a Fraud and Corruption Control policy in place, which is consistent with the Australian standard on Fraud and Corruption Control AS8001. 

Our culture promotes responsible and ethical behaviour from all staff, and we run regular training to keep these matters top of mind. We encourage employees, and the general public, to report any concerns they have about ethical issues or potential fraud. We have a range of external and internal reporting options available, including reporting to management and a whistleblower hotline.