Your super can provide for your beneficiaries in the event of your death. They’ll receive the balance of your super fund as well as any insurance units you’ve taken out.

If you pass away, your super will be paid as a lump sum, either:

  • At the discretion of the QSuper Board, usually to your legal representative (the executor or administrator of your estate) or to your dependants, such as your partner or children
  • In line with your valid ‘binding death benefit nomination’, if you made one

To find out more, have a read of our Accumulation Account Guide or our Income Account Guide.

If more than one person makes a claim on your super, we’ll ask for further information from all parties to assess their eligibility. We’ll then give them notice of our decision and an opportunity to object, should they wish to do so.

Yes. A binding death benefit nomination lets you name who gets access to your super in the event of your death. Bear in mind your nomination can only be for your legal representative or one or more of your dependants. You can find out more about binding death benefit nominations and make or update a nomination in Member Online.

Accumulation account holders

Your beneficiaries will receive the balance of your account plus the value of any insurance units you hold.

Defined Benefit account holders

We pay out the balance of your account and, if you’re under 55, a further amount to compensate for your membership to the age of 55. The final amount paid to your beneficiaries would also include any insurance units you’ve taken out. For more information please read our Permanent Disability Benefit Guide.

Got a question? Learn more by reading our Death Benefit Guide.