At our Retirement Preparation seminar you’ll take home everything you need to know to start getting ready for retirement, including:

  • the best ways to build wealth and  boost your super while you’re still working
  • how to work out much you could need for retirement
  • how to invest your super
  • how to make the most of tax benefits
  • the value of good financial advice and estate planning.

Once you’ve learnt the retirement essentials, you can feel more confident that your best years are still to come.

Please note: We’ll send you a copy of the seminar slides so you don’t have to worry about taking notes on the day. Please ensure you have given consent to receive marketing emails from us. Just head to Member Online and click on the ‘Profile’ link on the left hand side, then ‘Personal details’ and tick the second option under ‘Email communication’.

Most Queensland Government employers are able to grant special leave so their employees can attend a pre-retirement seminar (under the latest Public Service Directive No.01/16: Special Leave). We’ll issue registration and confirmation letters before the event (it runs for one day), which is generally sufficient to approve special leave. However if you do need further documents we can issue you with a letter of attendance at the seminar.

Length: 1 day

Dates, times & locations

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