Government legislation allows people to access their super early if they’re facing severe financial hardship.

We follow legislation set by the Australian Government, so we can decide whether to release your super funds given your circumstances. We’ll need proof of your financial hardship, as explained in our Early Release of Superannuation Benefits due to Severe Financial Hardship factsheet.

For a claim to be paid, you’ll need to show us that you’re:

  1. Currently receiving Australian Government income support payments (like Newstart), and have been continuously for at least 26 weeks. We’ll also need to see your Q230 form from Centrelink (or a Q251, if you’re over preservation age). Bear in mind Austudy and Youth Allowance payments don’t count as income support payments
  2. Unable to meet your reasonable and immediate living expenses from your income alone.

The Australian Government legislation state that you’ll need to satisfy both of these conditions for us to be able to release your super.

You can provide evidence that shows us that you’ve received income support payments for a cumulative period of at least 39 weeks since you've reached your preservation age, and prove that you’re not employed for more than ten hours each week.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about this option.

For more information, including limits on the amounts that can be released, download our Financial Hardship Guide.