We take looking after your retirement savings very seriously which is why you need to prove your identity before we will make any payments or other important changes to your account, or if you are making a claim as a beneficiary of another member’s account. This is because we are committed to complying with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006.

If you’re completing a request online, you can give us your driver licence number or passport number which we’ll use to verify your identity electronically. If we can’t verify your identity in this way, you’ll need to use the paper method.1

About the Electronic method

We use online databases including Government and public domain sources to securely and confidentially verify your identity. This method matches your details against reliable and independent databases to verify your identity.

If you’re using the electronic method

By giving us your personal information you agree to the Trustee disclosing and matching your personal information with third party sources to verify your identity. For full details on our privacy approach, please read the Privacy section of our website.

You can improve your chance of successful online verification by also giving consent for us to match your name address and date of birth to a credit reporting agency (CRA). This isn’t a credit check. If you choose to use this additional option we’ll verify if your personal information matches (in whole or in part) the information contained on your credit information file with the CRA. This is only to verify you under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. It doesn’t give us access to other information they have. Our request won’t be recorded on your credit information file and the CRA can’t use it for anything else. If identification this way isn’t successful, we will tell you in writing the name of the CRA and how to contact them. We will also tell you another way to verify your identity.

1. If you’re currently overseas you can’t use the electronic method.

If you choose this method you will need to send us certified copies of your identification document by post.

You can learn more about what documents and which certifiers we accept by reading our Proving your Identity factsheet.

  • If you are using a Power of Attorney – you will need to provide certified documents for yourself and for the member you’re acting on behalf of.
  • If your identification doesn’t match the name on your account, we’ll need some extra evidence, or a linking document (such as a marriage certificate or change of name certificate).