Who is QSuper?

We were originally started to look after the retirement savings of Queensland Government employees, and now we're part of Australian Retirement Trust.

If you're not eligible to be a QSuper member, don't worry – you can still join Australian Retirement Trust for the same member-first focus.

Who is eligible to join QSuper

You can join QSuper if you're:

  • A Queensland Government employee
  • Employed by a QSuper default employer
  • The spouse, or child under 25, of an existing QSuper member.

If you're retired and aged from 60 up to your 80th birthday, you can open a QSuper Lifetime Pension.

How to open a QSuper product

If you're eligible to become a QSuper member, it's easy to do online. There's no cost, and it only takes about 10 minutes.

Through your employer

If you work for the Queensland Government, or QSuper is your employer's chosen super product, we'll work with your employer to set up your QSuper account. Contact your payroll department for more information.

Your spouse or parent is a QSuper member

If you're the spouse or child (under 25) of a QSuper member, you can join online.

Join as a spouse or child

Under 14 years old? Please fill in the Open an Accumulation Account form at the back of the QSuper product disclosure statement for Accumulation account (pdf), as you'll need a parent or guardian to sign.

To open a Lifetime Pension

If you're retired and aged 60-79, you can open a QSuper Lifetime Pension using the form in the back of the PDS (pdf).

Not eligible for QSuper?
Australian Retirement Trust is open to all Australians to join

Join 2.2 million members who are secure, confident, and protected.

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Why Australian Retirement Trust is a great choice

QSuper is part of Australian Retirement Trust, the super fund for everyone.


One of Australia's largest super funds

Australian Retirement Trust is proud to take care of over $240 billion in super for 2.2 million members.


Focused on low fees

As a fund that works for members, not shareholders, we can give back profits to members as lower fees and better services.


A force for good

We seek to use our size to help make our members' world better, with investments and partnerships that make a difference.

Make a great choice for your super

Whether you're starting out in your working life, already enjoying retirement, or somewhere in between – visit Australian Retirement Trust for more information on why it's a great choice for your super.