Your transfer bonus is calculated and paid automatically when you open a QSuper Retirement Income account.


Unlike other funds, your transfer bonus is uncapped which could mean more money in your pocket.


Your transfer bonus amount reflects factors including your investment history with us.

A bonus when you retire

The QSuper Income account transfer bonus is an industry-first initiative, providing an uncapped payment to eligible members who transfer their money from an Accumulation or Transition to Retirement Income account to a Retirement Income account.

More than $34.9 million has been delivered to approximately 18,720 members since the June 2016 launch. The largest transfer bonus amount received by a member was $62,900.1

$34.9m paid
18,720 members
$62,900largest transfer bonus amount

How the transfer bonus works

When QSuper invests your superannuation, we put aside money to pay capital gains tax when assets in your investments are sold for gain.

If you decide to transfer your superannuation to a Retirement Income account, your savings move into a tax-free investment environment. This means QSuper won't pay tax on your investment earnings, including when assets are sold for gain, so if you're eligible, the money set aside for tax can be paid back into your account. This is called the Income account transfer bonus.

Another benefit of the transfer bonus is that is does not count towards your concessional contribution cap.

How your transfer bonus is calculated

Your Income account transfer bonus is based on the amount of money set aside for tax and your unique investment history.

Some of the factors we take into consideration:

  • Your superannuation balance
  • The length of time you've been with QSuper
  • Your investment options (past and present).

For more information about how the bonus is calculated, refer to the Accumulation Account Guide (pdf).

What else to consider

  • The investment options you are invested in affect the amount of bonus you may receive, as some assets attract a higher bonus than others. Any money in the Cash and Diversified Bonds investment options does not qualify for the transfer bonus.
  • Money invested in our Self Invest option does not qualify for the transfer bonus because you can move your entire investment portfolio from an Accumulation to a Retirement Income account without having to pay tax.
  • If you have been invested in an investment option for less than two months, your transfer bonus in relation to that investment option will be zero.
  • If you open an Income account with money from a superannuation death benefit, you will not be paid a transfer bonus.

Calculate your potential bonus

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1. Figures are rounded and are current as at 30 June 2020.