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Our app is designed for QSuper members. You'll need your Member Online login details to set up your access (see below if you need help finding these details). If you're not a QSuper member, you'll need to open an account before you can start taking advantage of the app.

If you're eligible to join QSuper, it only takes 10 minutes online.
If you're a QSuper member or you've applied but you haven't logged in to Member Online before, register online and we'll set up your login details. If you've used Member Online before but you can't remember your details, you can reset your password or request a reminder of your username.

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the app straight to your device.

You can use our app on an Android or iOS (Apple) smartphone or tablet. For security reasons, these devices must be running Android version 6 or above or iOS version 10 or above. Our app is not available to Windows mobile devices.

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Once you have downloaded the app to your device, you can log in using your Member Online username and password. You'll then be prompted to set up a 4-digit PIN for use on the app. Users with iOS devices have the option to also enable log in via Face ID or Touch ID.
If you've used Member Online before but you can't remember your details, you can reset your password or request a reminder of your username. If you haven't logged in to Member Online before, register online and we'll set up your login details.
If you forget your PIN, you can continue to log in to the app using your password. Once you've logged in, you can change your PIN by going to More > Login Settings > Change PIN.
We need you use to choose a 4-digit PIN number that does not repeat numbers (e.g. 7777) and is not sequential (e.g. 1234). If the app won't accept the number you want as a PIN, try using a different number.

Touch ID and Face ID are currently available to our iOS (Apple) users. When you first log in to the app, you will be offered a choice to enable Touch ID or Face ID.

If you want to change your selection later, you can update this by going to More > Login Settings.

This functionality is not yet available in our Android app, but we hope to make it available soon.

In some cases, the app will need your password for additional security. For example, this might happen if you've had multiple failed attempts at PIN / Face ID / Touch ID, if you haven't used the app for a while, or if you've recently reset your Member Online password.

To keep your account secure, we don't allow sharing account access with multiple people on one device. When you set up access to the app, the app on your device will be linked to your account, so other members can't log in to their accounts using your device. To access their account with us, they can download the app on their own device or visit Member Online.

For more information, please see our online terms and conditions for Member Online and our app.

You can remove another person's access to your app by uninstalling and then reinstalling the app on your device. After you reinstall the app, it will ask you for your username and password. Enter your details as normal to set up your account.

See above for where to find your login details if you can't remember them.

Don't worry. You can reset your password online, and if you have any trouble, you can contact us for assistance.

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Sometimes, our app might show you data that is a couple of hours old if we temporarily cannot obtain new information from our database. You don't need to worry that this information is out-of-date unless you have made transactions within the past few hours.

When you have a Defined Benefit account with an attached Accumulation account, the transactions for both of these accounts will be displayed on your Defined Benefit account. This is because the accounts are bundled together under your Defined Benefit account.

If you have other Accumulation accounts that are not linked to your Defined Benefit account, transactions will show on these accounts individually.

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Yes, we take your privacy seriously and we follow strict practices when we collect, store, and use your data. Find out more about how we protect your privacy.

Yes, in addition to having a highly skilled internal team, QSuper engages independent experts to review our app for vulnerabilities and ensure we're adhering to industry best practice.

If you have any concerns or believe you are at risk of someone else accessing your account, you can contact us and we can arrange additional security measures on your account for withdrawals.

If there is a transaction or a change you can't make to your account using the app, please try visiting Member Online. Our app is still new and we're developing new features all the time, but in the meantime, you can make most transactions or changes to your account in Member Online.

If there is an action you would like to be able to do using the app, please let us know so we can improve the app for you.

For more help with your account or our app, please contact us.