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You can compare QSuper’s benefits and services to two other superannuation funds using SuperRatings’ RateMySuper and RateMyPension tools as many times as you like.
You can also email the report to yourself or download it as a PDF immediately.

Achieving better financial wellbeing requires making of a lot of decisions. An independent viewpoint can help. The SuperRatings comparison tool is an impartial fund rating system which includes more than 200 funds to compare between. If you’d like any assistance, have a conversation with us today.

Compare my super

If you have a QSuper Accumulation account, use the SuperRatings RateMySuper comparison tool to see how it compares to other funds in the areas of:

  • Insurance
  • Investment performance and options
  • Fees and charges
  • Member services and more.

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Compare my pension

If you have a QSuper Income account (or are thinking about your retirement options), use the SuperRatings RateMyPension comparison tool to see how we compare to other funds’ pension accounts.

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