Stories of poignant moments, funny moments, delicious pizza, an envelope full of buttons and even a squealing piglet were among the unforgettable moments of the winners in the QSuper team’s 2022 World Teachers’ Day competition.

Each winner will get a prize pack valued at $1,000 for their school/campus and a $100 voucher for themselves.

Full name School name Region Unforgettable moment
Julie Bishop Victoria Park State School Central Queensland A year one student put all their favourite buttons in an envelope and gave it to me for an end of year thank you present.
Caroline Budgen Middle Ridge State School Darling Downs South West Think of my surprise when a student's pet for show-and-tell turned out to be a wild boar piglet with ear-piercing screams that ran amok.
Lisa Vincent Trinity Bay High School Far North Queensland School of 1900 students, Athletics carnival. Watching a blind student compete in the 100m sprint, aided by fellow year 12s, unsolicited.
Wendy May Marini Ingham State School North Queensland Student: “Miss are you an Aboriginal, like me?” Me: “Yes, I certainly am!” Student: “That’s deadly Miss. I’m going to come to school all the time now!”
Nikki Clements Jamboree Heights State School Metropolitan A young teacher approached me at an event, introduced herself as a past student and told me I was the reason she became a teacher.
Bharati Singh Tullawong State High School North Coast After my mum’s funeral and broke down in front of a difficult class. Absolute silence. One of the boys came up and said to me "you are stronger than this and you are loved".
Jason Faulkner William Duncan State School South East Teaching in Japan, 'oily' came up. I showed oily food images - pizza, fries. A boy raised his hand, queried, “So oily means, very very delicious?”

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