Our Socially Responsible investment (SRI) option lets you make a positive contribution to the world while saving to reach your retirement goals. You can feel confident your money is invested in companies that have a positive social or environmental impact, and has minimal exposure (if any) to harmful or controversial industries.

Our Socially Responsible investment (SRI) approach

Our Socially Responsible investment option is invested across a wide range of asset classes that are designed to address the environmental and social issues that our members have told us they care about. It also incorporates the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that support many of our investment options.

To facilitate this, we've adopted the following high-level principles to guide how we invest money in this option:

  • We seek assets that contribute to positive impacts, while avoiding controversial investments.
  • We'll report at least annually about the positive impacts achieved by this investment option.

What our SRI option invests in

This investment option seeks assets that can demonstrate a positive impact on environmental and social issues, such as:

Clean energy
Conservation and the environment
Waste reduction and recycling
food and water
Food and water scarcity
medical innovation
Medical and technological innovation
Health care
green building
Green building

It may also invest in other assets that help the total portfolio deliver a positive impact, such as sustainable development bonds/other green bonds, specialised listed global equities, real estate, infrastructure, private equity assets, and other funds.

What our SRI option avoids

In addition to the ethical principles that apply to many of our investment options, this option will have minimal exposure (if any) to issues that have negative environmental or social impacts, so it will avoid investing in:

fossil fuel
Fossil fuels
adult entertainment
Adult entertainment

Is socially responsible investing for you?

This option suits medium to long-term investors who want their money to make a positive impact on society and the environment. Read more about this option's objective, suggested investment timeframe, and fees and costs.

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See the impact your super is making

Read the latest outcomes for the Socially Responsible option in Australian Retirement Trust's 2021-22 Sustainable investment report.

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Support your values and save for the future

Not only will you be helping to create a better future for the planet and its people – you’ll be investing in a better future for you, too.

A focus on strong returns

This option's balanced, multi-asset class strategy aligns with our core investment philosophy, which aims to provide strong returns over the long term, with fewer ups and downs along the way.

Our size offers opportunity

As part of Australian Retirement Trust, one of Australia's largest super funds, we can provide you with access to investments that generally aren't available to individuals.

Profit for members

As part of a profit-for-members fund, we work for members, not shareholders. So you can be assured that we're working in members' best interests, not someone else's.

Our commitment to you

We'll share our progress

We will report at least annually on the highlights and positive impacts achieved by the Socially Responsible investment option’s collective investments.

We'll engage and collaborate

We will actively vote and engage with the companies we invest in, and collaborate with other groups and institutional investors, to collectively effect change for the benefit of our members.

We'll evolve and adapt

We expect our investments in this option will evolve over time, including investing in new assets as appropriate, and adapting to the changing needs and expectations of our members.

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