How long might your retirement be?

One of the most challenging parts of retirement planning is trying to work out how long you need to provide yourself with an income – in other words, how long you'll live. This calculator shows your life expectancy at retirement and the years left to save for your retirement goals.

Of course life expectancies are based in part on averages. So some people won't reach their life expectancy, others will live beyond it. Probably best to add a few years to be on the safe side.

This tool provides factual information and not general or personal advice.


This calculator displays life expectancy based on the information derived from the medium mortality rate assumptions used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in "Population Projections, Australia 2017 (base)–2066". The data was provided by Cumpston Sarjeant. It calculates your life expectancy based on the age you’ve chosen to retire.

The calculator doesn’t replace personal financial advice and you should seek specific professional advice prior to acting on any information. We also recommend you read our disclaimer.