Overpayments happen from time to time. So it’s important to note that a payment can only be refunded if the account belongs to an employee who hasn’t withdrawn a benefit from QSuper.

If a benefit has been paid, unfortunately we can’t accept the payment recall.

Here’s what you need to do if you make an overpayment

Make sure a benefit hasn’t been paid

Benefits are paid based on the information provided by the member's former employer (including leaving date and last payment date

Determine the account type

You’ll need to provide us with the relevant information we need to support the recalled payment. For example, more information is required for payment recalls from Defined Benefit accounts (and also State or Police accounts).

Record all relevant details relating to the recall

You’ll need to provide all the details you normally provide for payments.

For an employee who contributed to a Defined Benefit account (and also State or Police accounts), a negative contribution amount needs to be accompanied by the appropriate negative employer payment amount, negative hours worked, and the normal salary.

For an employee who contributed to an Accumulation account, only the negative employer payment amounts are necessary.

Payments can only be refunded during the current financial year.

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