Allowances for Queensland Government employees

Need to pay super to people working for the Queensland Government? Only include the following allowances and higher duties in your employee's super salary.

Allowance Award/approval
Additional responsibility allowance paid to 2 officers University of Southern Queensland
Advanced skills teacher Teachers – state
Allied health clinical conditional advancement Department of Health
Allowances for administrative assistants grade 1

Clerk – Golden Casket Art Union

Clerks - public hospitals

Parliamentary services

Public service – state

Temporary clerks

All-purpose junior apprentice All relevant awards
Armourer Prison employees
Band 4 Department of Education
Computer aided drafting Electricity Supply Industry employees
Construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair and/or maintenance work

Bridge, wharf, and pier

Carting trade – northern and Mackay division

Carting trade – southern division

Conservation Parks and Wildlife employees

Construction – state

Engine drivers



Local authorities (excluding Brisbane and Main Roads etc.)

Surveyors, labourers, and cooks

Water supply and sewerage

Continuing education advanced credential Department of Health
Continuing education credential Department of Health
Degree Electricity supply industry employees
Dental assistants Dental assistance, Department of Health

Mackay District Health Service

Sunshine Coast Health Authority

Dog handler Prison employees
Education officer (special duties) Department of Education
Employees of electric authorities

Carting trade – northern and Mackay division

Carting trade – southern division


Employees of the State Government (Forestry) Forestry employees
Equity Cairns Port Authority
Experience Queensland Fire Service
First aid

Area Manager (Sunshine Coast)

Electricity supply industry employees

Griffith University general staff

Manager (Marine Operations) Gladstone

Manager (Maritime Operations) Mackay

Maritime Operations Officers (Brisbane and Gold Coast regions)

Manager (Regional Operations) Cairns

Manager Remote Area Services

Maritime Safety Queensland

Manager (Vessel Traffic Management) Brisbane

Manager (Vessel Traffic Services) Cairns

Forest work Timber felling, timber getting, firewood cutting and charcoal burning

Higher duties

Defined Benefit account – Provided, at the annual review date of 1 July, it was paid for work done on a continuous basis for at least 12 months.

Accumulation account - Provided it has been paid for work done on a continuous basis for at least 12 months.

All relevant awards
In-charge – carpenter Queensland Fire Service
Keyboard Queensland Fire Service
Leading hand All relevant awards
Medical Managers/Clinical Managers Queensland Health
Night Vision Imaging System Queensland Government Air Rotary Wing

Queensland Police Officers at the ranks of Sergeant and Senior Sergeant

Queensland Police Service

Personal Queensland Fire Service
Personal allowance paid to 3 teachers as a result of salary reduction upon leaving the Queensland Police Academy and appointment to the Department of Education Governor in Council – 7 February 1984
Qualification All relevant awards
Qualification (child care) Griffith University general staff
Qualification (senior prison officer) Prison employees
Refractory bricklayer Building tradesmen's (other than plumbers) and builders' labourers construction
Salary loading – Librarian-in-Charge Griffith University
Senior Administrative Nursing Staff Award Eventide – Department of Health

Senior administrative nursing staff – division of psychiatric service

Service incremental payments

All relevant awards


Fire Brigade communication centres

Fire Brigade officers

Queensland Corrective Services Commission employees

Skill based and permanent allowance paid to educational advisers. Advisers are developing curriculum changes in Wiltshire report. Department of Education
Special Civil construction, operations, and maintenance general award
Special all-purpose (SAPA)

All relevant awards

Public hospitals boards – industrial agreement

Tradesmen etc. (other than building trades employees)

Special – coke industry State coke ovens – Bowen
Special payment (psychiatric hospitals etc.) Psychiatric hospitals etc. employees
Stenographers, bookkeeping, machinist, and telex operators Municipal officers (Queensland Harbour Boards)
Steno-typists etc. Clerks and switchboard attendants – state
Strategic Patient Care Policy allowance paid to 1 staff member Queensland Department of Health

Miscellaneous workers

Municipal officers (Queensland Harbour Boards)

Security employees

Targeted training all-purpose Department of Health
Teacher-in-charge Teachers – state
Trade coordinator Queensland Health Services
Tradesmen All relevant awards
Training and careers Ports Corporation Queensland