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Our research shows that the number of employees who expect their workplace to have financial wellbeing programs is on the rise. We can help you be an employer of choice.

Why is financial wellbeing important

Here’s how employee wellness programs can help your team – and why that can be good for your business too.

Better performance
Money worries can impact mental health. Being more confident about money management helps your team to be more motivated and productive.

Higher engagement
Many workers want financial education in the workplace, particularly women who tend to feel less confident with their finances.

More loyalty
Employees are 63% more likely to be loyal to a business that cares about their wellness. But 61% of employers have a poor or average rating for their focus on improving financial wellbeing.1

45% of Australian workers feel in control of current finances

Disclaimer: Survey of 1000 Australians, carried out by IPSOS on behalf of Australian Retirement Trust, September to November 2023.


Add financial education to your employee benefits program

Get a financial education package to suit your team's needs.

5 ways to help your team's wellbeing at work

Financial education, like learning how super works, can play a key role in employee retention, wellbeing, and workforce engagement. Our services make it easy to create a financial wellbeing program for your team.


Workplace training

Choose from a variety of workplace education talks on financial topics. We can change them to suit your employees.

Onsite support

We can visit your workplace or arrange online sessions for your employees to discuss their super with us.

Financial literacy course

Our financial literacy program, FinFit, has self-paced, online learning modules on a variety of topics. Share on your intranet.

Financial resources

Sign up for regular articles and other content to share with your team. Or use our library of resources for your intranet or internal newsletter.

Tools and calculators

Share our tools and calculators so your team can check if they're on track with their super and investments.
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49% vs



Confidence in managing their money


25% vs



Dealing with my finances is overwhelming


61% vs



Not sure they’ll have enough to retire

Disclaimer: Survey of 3,170 Australian Retirement Trust members with a QSuper account carried out by IPSOS on behalf of Australian Retirement Trust, September to November 2023.

Help reduce the super gender gap

Support your female employees with our Financial wellbeing for women workplace talk.

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Lock in your workplace education program today

Our workplace talks aim to improve the financial literacy of your team. Most of our seminars also have live and pre-recorded webinar versions – great for shift workers. They're available to all QSuper participating employers.

Topic Time Who it's for Description
Welcome to QSuper (Induction) 15/30 mins New employees We introduce the QSuper account, explain investment and insurance options, and share ways to grow super faster. There's a video for employees who can't attend a face-to-face session.
Why QSuper? 30/45 mins Everyone What makes a QSuper account different, and what to look for when choosing a super fund – like performance, fees, insurance, and service.
Member Online 30 mins QSuper account holders How to use Member Online to combine super, view and change investment options, manage insurance levels – and more.
Understanding insurance through super 30/45 mins QSuper account holders Why personal insurance is important. This includes some features of the QSuper Accumulation account insurance cover, and how your employees can adjust it to suit their needs.
Defined Benefit explained 30/45/60 mins QSuper Defined Benefit account holders
(Queensland Government employers only)
How our Defined Benefit account works. Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this account.
Investment strategy and performance 30/45/60 mins Everyone This session explains investment options for QSuper accounts and their performance.
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Topic Time Who it's for Description
Grow Your Super 30/45/60 mins Everyone We explore simple ways to grow super and help your employees get on track for a comfortable retirement.
Q&A session 30/45/60 mins Everyone A flexible session where employees can ask general questions about super.
Financial wellbeing for women 30/45 mins Women of all ages Strategies that help women bridge the gap in their super balance caused by things like parental leave and part-time work.
Money matters 30/45/60 mins Everyone Covering the most popular super topics, we work with you to include any topics of interest to your employees.
Save tax with super 30/45/60 mins Everyone How your employees can make the most of the tax benefits offered by the super system. Includes contribution options and maximising benefits with a spouse or partner.
Using super to buy your first home 30/45/60 mins Employees saving for a first home How the First Home Super Saver Scheme works, including who's eligible and contribution limits.
Tax smart super 30/45/60 mins Those earning $120,000+ a year How high-income earners may be able to take advantage of the super system’s tax benefits.
Redundancy 45/60 mins Anyone offered a redundancy Helpful information about what to consider if dealing with a redundancy. We explain what it may mean for your employees' financial future.
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Topic Time Who it's for Description
Planning for retirement 30/45/60 mins Everyone The sooner your employees start planning, the more time they have to reach their goals. This session focuses on the importance of planning for retirement.
Transition to retirement  30/45/60 mins Anyone nearing retirement (60+) For those thinking about working fewer hours, we explain how your employees can use super in the lead up to retirement. Plus some clever tax ways to boost super or income.
Retirement seminars 3-3.5 hours Anyone planning to retire within 10 years How to plan for retirement, how super works in retirement, and what employees can do while they’re still working. We can change this to suit your employees who are 2-10 years out from retirement. You can book shorter sessions on the topics most relevant to your employees.
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Not a QSuper participating employer? We're part of Australian Retirement Trust, a super fund for all Australians.

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Our most popular topics

Grow your super

Welcome to QSuper

Understanding your insurance in super

Planning for retirement

Save tax with super

For your new employees

Our Welcome to QSuper workplace talk is great for induction and onboarding programs.

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Our workplace education services are popular with employers like you. Use them to add to your employee benefits program or to create a full financial wellbeing support service.


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