Income protection insurance may provide your employees with an income if they are temporarily unable to work due to an illness or injury. It is available to eligible employees, including those that are employed on a casual basis.

Partnering with QSuper to support your employees

You play an important role in supporting your employees through an income protection claim and you can read about it in our factsheet.

If one of your employees wants to make a QSuper income protection claim, you will need to:

  1. Confirm with your employee that they have income protection insurance with QSuper
    Your employee can view their insurance details by logging into Member Online.
  2. Complete part B of the Income Protection Benefit Claim form
    You will find the form in the Income Protection Benefit Guide. Complete Part B and email it to us. If your employee's circumstances change for any reason, you will also need to email us, or phone your employee's Claims Manager.
  3. Ask your employee to complete parts A and D of the Income Protection Benefit Claim form and have their doctor complete part C
    Your employee can find the above parts for completion in the Income Protection Benefit Guide.

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Your employee can lodge a claim with both QSuper and WorkCover so they continue receiving an income, however, they cannot receive an income protection benefit from QSuper and WorkCover for the same period. If an employee’s WorkCover claim is successful, they may need to pay back any income protection benefits to QSuper.

For Accumulation account holders

QSuper Income Protection WorkCover Queensland payment

Waiting period/leave requirements

Waiting period varies depending on your employee’s cover. Employees can log in to Member Online to view their insurance details.

Special leave without pay

Rate of benefit payment

For eligible income protection cover, 87.75% of insured salary (includes a CRB1 of 12.75% of insured salary) for employees with salary-based cover. Eligible employees with unitised cover will be paid the lesser of the value of their units and 87.75% of their pre-disability income – this benefit also includes a CRB1 payment of 12.75%.
Eligibility criteria, exclusions and benefit limits apply. See the Insurance Guide (Accumulation Account) for more information.

If an industrial award applies, the greater of the amount payable under that award, or 85% of normal weekly earnings (NWE) for 26 weeks.

If an industrial award does not apply, the greater of 85% of NWE or 80% of Queensland ordinary times earnings (QOTE) for 26 weeks.

26 weeks to 2 years:

  • the greater of 75% of NWE, or
  • 70% of QOTE

Otherwise, an amount equal to the single pension rate.

Member contributions

Not paid by QSuper. The employee may choose to make contributions direct to their QSuper account.

The employee may choose to make contributions direct to their QSuper account.

Employer contributions

QSuper will pay a CRB1 of 12.75% into your employee’s Accumulation account.

Depends on employee's and employer’s choice to contribute.

Graduated return to work benefits

Subject to employer advising of suitable position and duties – QSuper pays a percentage of the difference between the member's pre-disability income, and their return to employment income. This includes a CRB1 of 12.75%.

A proportion of the employee's WorkCover benefit is payable, which depends on the loss of earnings as a result of the injury.

The above table of WorkCover benefits is for reference only and based on information sourced from the WorkCover website on 28 February 2019. We recommend you confirm these details with WorkCover.

1. Contribution replacement benefit – a payment made to your employee’s QSuper Accumulation account while they are receiving an income protection benefit.

Yes. Some employees claim WorkCover benefits until their payment starts to reduce, then they cancel further WorkCover payments and claim a QSuper income protection benefit.

Before this can happen, the employee needs to have completed their waiting period.

The employer must:

  • Approve the employee's leave
  • Complete Part B of the Income Protection Benefit Claim form (PDF) in the back of the Income Protection Benefit Guide and send it to us.
  • Ask the employee to complete parts A and D of the Income Protection Benefit Claim form and have their doctor complete part C.