Holistic Claims

QSuper’s new Holistic Claims Management approach is about working in partnership with our members, our employers and healthcare professionals to achieve the best possible insurance claim outcomes for all involved.

It is a member centric approach to the management of disability claims based on global best practice, focusing on proactive and ongoing support for early and enhanced recovery.

Claims Managers have regular conversations with all parties to fully understand the capabilities of each member and develop a tailored plan of action. This enables QSuper to personalise outcomes for members on Income Protection and Total and Permanent Disability claims.

What this means for employers

We’re committed to partnering with you throughout the insurance claims process to try and get the best outcomes for everyone. Together we’ll establish a common understanding of each employee’s situation, including their personal motivations and unique challenges.

And when it comes to return to work activities, we can provide support to your organisation’s Rehabilitation Officer to help get your team member back to work as soon as they’re fit and able.

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