Employer Direct is your one-stop shop for all your employee superannuation contributions. It can process both QSuper contributions as well as any Choice contributions you may have for other funds.

Direct debit is a simple way to pay your super contribution payments through Employer Direct. You just need to ensure that if you do select this option that you check with your financial institution to ensure that they have a DDR facility that you can utilise, then fill out the Direct Debit form in black pen and send it through to our helpdesk so we can update your payment details. Funds will be deducted from the nominated bank account on the same day you submit your contribution, so it's important your funds are available before you submit.

If you’d prefer to use the Direct credit option then the bank details will be supplied to you once you’ve been set-up in Employer Direct.

This includes all subsidy funds. No payments should be made directly to QSuper as it will cause a rejection of your contribution file.

It’s also important to include the unique payment reference number (PRN) that is generated once you submit a contribution. This will change every time you make a submission. If you have the incorrect PRN the file and funds won’t match which could result in your file being rejected.

The QSuper Contribution File Specification will provide you with all the Status Codes that MUST be used in the relevant fields. Refer to this document when making your contribution.

Can I submit two contribution payment files for different pay periods at once?

No, you’ll need to submit the first pay period file completely, and then wait at least 3 business days before submitting the next.

How do I add a new user for my business?

If you have an Administrator login for your account you can add a new user to your business. Simply go to the Maintain User tab, select User Maintenance then select Add User. Fill out the details listed and select the appropriate user role you want them to have access to.

If you'd like more training just get in contact and we can point you in the right direction.