Things you need to know

The information in this section applies to current Queensland Government employees only.

Making the decision to take a voluntary redundancy can be stressful. If you’re weighing up your options and thinking about your financial security and super, we can help.

How much will my redundancy offer be?

Your redundancy offer will be made up of your accrued leave, a redundancy payment and may include an incentive payment.

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What happens to my QSuper account?

If you’ve been made redundant, it’s easy to stay with QSuper, regardless of whether you move on to a new job or decide to retire.

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What happens to my insurance?

It's important to know how redundancy could affect your income protection, death and TPD cover.

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If you want more information on redundancy and your super, or have any specific questions, please call us on 1300 360 750 or download the redundancy factsheet (pdf).

Things you should consider

Get financial advice

Speaking with a financial adviser about how best to manage your redundancy payment could make a big difference to your future.
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Your redundancy payout

Depending on your age, and whether you retire or move to another job, your options regarding your payout can vary.
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Your QSuper account

Whether you have an Accumulation or Defined Benefit account, there are some important things to consider.
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What next?

Your age, employment opportunities, family commitments and financial circumstances will determine what you should do next.

Talk to an adviser to make a plan for your redundancy.