While super may be the last thing on your mind and it may still seem like a long time before you reach retirement, some small changes now could make a big difference to the lifestyle you can lead when it comes time to retire.

These short videos take you through 8 simple things you can do now to get your super working harder for you. We’ve included things you can do that won’t cost you a thing, as well as things you can do if you’re able to contribute more to your super. 

Grow your super: Part 1

Consolidating your other super accounts into your QSuper account.  

Length: 1:45 minutes


Part 2

Get us to search for any lost super you might have.


Part 3

Investment returns play a big part in building your super savings.


Part 4

The Federal Government also provides another option to help you grow your super.


Part 5

Maximise your employer contributions.



Part 6

Make contributions before tax through salary sacrificing.


Part 7

Consider making voluntary contributions.



Part 8

Further help and advice.