The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) holds billions of dollars in unclaimed super. Could some of it be yours?

These super balances belong to people who have changed their job, their address, or even their name in the past ten years, and as a result their super fund is now unable to contact them.

With your permission, we can search for any unclaimed super or other lost super and if we find anything we’ll let you know and help you reunite with it.

To get started, just log into Member Online, click on the ‘Add to my super’ tab and choose the 'Consolidate with QSuper' option, or you can give us a call on 1300 360 750.

If we find any super belonging to you, we’ll be in touch with the good news.

Alternatively, you can use SuperSeeker1 the ATO's super search tool. It can help you check if you have any money in unclaimed super accounts. It's quick and easy to use, and all you'll need is your tax file number.

Remember: if you want to look for your super yourself, be wary of using sites other than the ATO’s SuperSeeker. Members who use other sites can sometimes find they have unintentionally transferred super to a fund they were not originally a member of.

Why consolidate your super?

Consolidating your super by having one account instead of multiple accounts could save you money in fees. If you find any lost and unclaimed super, you can transfer it to your QSuper account easily.

1. SuperSeeker is an external tool provided and maintained by the Australian Tax Office.