How long will your money last?

An Income account lets you use your super benefit to generate a tax-effective income in retirement. With an Income account you can:

  • choose the level of income you want to receive each year, subject to a minimum amount
  • vary your level of income, depending on your needs
  • make lump sum withdrawals

Once you’ve chosen an income level and earning rate, the calculator will show you the income you could get, and how long your retirement savings may last.

This calculator will not give valid results for Transition to Retirement Income Accounts as from 1 July 2017 investment earnings in Transition to Retirement Income Account will be taxed at 15%. 


  • This calculator should be used as a guide only. Results are an illustration based on the information you enter and the assumptions made within the calculator. For the purpose of projecting benefits, we use a net investment return of 0% after fees and taxes, unless you change it.
  • Results are shown in ‘today’s dollars’. We haven’t taken into account any tax applicable to pension payments.
  • You can choose the minimum income or a nominated amount. Where you nominate a value, you can also choose whether to index that amount each year at a set rate of inflation. The calculator assumes payments are taken evenly across the year and a proportional payment is calculated for the first year.
  • The graph is designed to illustrate how the balance of your account changes over the period of your Income account. The graph stops at the year where your balance reaches $5,000 (which would represent the final payment for some Income accounts).
  • The figures are designed as a general illustration of the working of an account-based Income account and the estimated result is not guaranteed in any way. The actual performance will depend on the product you choose, future economic conditions, and investment performance.
  • This calculator does not replace personal financial advice and you should seek specific professional advice prior to acting on any information. We recommend you read our disclaimer.
  • To calculate the minimum income, this calculator uses legislated minimums with a commencement date on and after 1 July 2007.