If you’d like to open an Income account, we make it easy for you. All you need to do is check your eligibility then follow three simple steps and you’ll be all set up.

Firstly, make sure the following applies to you. You must have:

  • reached your preservation age (see below)
  • permanently retired, or be over 65 years of age
  • a minimum opening account balance of $30,000.

Take a look at the table below to find your preservation age.

Your date of birth

Your preservation age

Before 01/07/60


01/07/60 - 30/06/61


01/07/61 - 30/06/62


01/07/62 - 30/06/63


01/07/63 - 30/06/64


01/07/64 or after


Now, make sure you complete this three-step process

1 Read the QSuper Product Disclosure Statement for Accumulation and Income Accounts and Income Account Guide to confirm you’re eligible.

2 Make some decisions about what you’ll do with the money you want to invest:

    • Do you have super in other funds you'd like to contribute to your Income account?
    • Do you have money outside of super that you’d like to contribute? (Don’t forget the contributions caps that apply before excess tax is payable).
    • What investment options do you want your money invested in?
    • How much and how often do you want to be paid?
    • Who do you want your money to go to when you die (think beneficiaries)?

3. Open an Income Account via Member Online or download the Open an Income Account form and we'll set your account up so you can start receiving income payments.

If you’re using funds from your Defined Benefit account to open an Income account, your employer will need to complete an Employer Certification of Employment Details form.

Get advice
Sometimes you need advice about the investment decisions you make. A QInvest adviser can help you make sense of your options.