From July you don’t need to be a Queensland Government employee or their spouse to join us.
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For couples who like to share

If you’re with QSuper, your partner can join too1 – even if they’ve never worked for the Queensland Government.

They’ll enjoy the same benefits you do, like:

You just need to be married or in a de facto relationship (includes same-sex relationships) to be eligible.

First, have a read through the QSuper Product Disclosure Statement for Accumulation and Income Accounts, then complete the (very aptly named) Application to Open an Account for Your Spouse form.

To get things started you’ll need to send in a cheque or money order for a minimum of $10, along with your completed form. Or, you can visit a QSuper branch and make a deposit in cash (up to $1,000) or by EFTPOS. Please don’t send cash in the mail.

Once everything’s set up, your spouse can arrange for their employer to contribute directly to their new QSuper account3

What’s the definition of a ‘spouse’?

A spouse includes someone with whom you’re in a registered relationship (your husband or wife, for example), or someone you’re living with on a genuine domestic basis.

How can my spouse contribute to his or her account?

They can add funds to their account in the same way you can. Just as long as they’re under 65 or they’ve worked for 40 hours or more in a continuous 30-day period at least once during the financial year. After the age of 75 it’s not possible to make any voluntary contributions to super.

Can my spouse get their employer to contribute to QSuper?

Absolutely. Once their account is set up, they can register their employer with us on Member Online. To find out more, visit our changing jobs section, read the Accumulation Account Guide, or get in touch.

What type of account can I open for my spouse?

An Accumulation account.

When can my spouse access their super?

If they’re currently employed, or they’ve been employed in the past, they can access it when they permanently retire, after they’ve reached their preservation age.

If they’ve never been employed, the benefits will need to stay in a preserved super fund until they turn 65.

Can I contribute to my spouse’s account?

You may be eligible to do this. More about contributing to a spouse account.

1. There are some eligibility requirements, so have a read through the Accumulation Account Product Disclosure Statement for all the details.
2. Advice fees apply.
3. In some circumstances, you may not be eligible to have your employer contribute with us. Please check with your employer.
4. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. SuperRatings SMART report 26 March 2015 using MySuper information provided in the Product disclosure statement for each fund. SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. This report has been put together as general information only and doesn’t consider your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before you make any decisions about the product, you should things like fees, the services and benefits offered and long-term performance.