Episode 2: Meeting the parents

It doesn’t take long for Bill to win the hearts of Jill’s parents. Who couldn’t love a guy with a heart of gold and basketful of pineapples?

Other episodes

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Episode 1: The first date

You never know what you’re going to get on a first date. But for Bill and Jill, the chemistry is obvious. Love is definitely in the air.


Episode 3: A family Christmas

The wrapping paper is flying, the egg nog is flowing. And is that the sound of sleigh bells or wedding bells in the air…or both?


Episode 4: Their first home

They’re in love and they’re in the market. Now that they’re becoming homeowners, Jill has some grand plans. But she just needs to convince Bill.


Episode 5: The wedding

Bill and Jill’s big day has arrived. Their family and friends have gathered and everything seems to be going perfectly. Well, almost everything.

Baby Bill

Episode 6: Baby Bill

It’s a boy! Two have become three as Bill junior joins the family and is already getting set up for a great financial future.

About Bill and Jill 

Jill has always been aware of her finances, but never really that involved. Since she met Bill however, that’s all changed. With the help of Money Map, Bill and Jill have become very close – almost inseparable – navigating life’s major milestones together and having fun along the way.

Follow all their adventures in the videos above. And take a leaf out of Jill’s book – get closer with your finances by registering for Money Map today.

Bill and Jill