Confidence to manage your everyday finances

Money Map looks beyond just your bank account to give you a holistic picture of your finances, so it's easier to start taking control. Use it to track your spending so you can see where your money is going. And better yet, it can help you balance the books so you can easily reach a savings goal.

  • understand your spending patterns
  • stay on track of your budget
  • keep on top of bills by setting payment reminders
  • link reward points and watch them grow
  • monitor your overall net worth.
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See where your money goes

Money Map brings together your savings, mortgage, super, and credit card account information onto a secure online dashboard, so you can quickly and easily get a complete picture of your current financial position.

With a little help from our spending analysis, you can explore new ways to manage your spending.

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Stay on track with your budget

Using your past expenditure as a guide helps you manage your finances with achievable budgets and goals.

You can also set up bill reminders and spending alerts can help keep you organised and on track.

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An award-winning product

Money Map was named Best New Product* at the 2016 SuperRatings Awards, so you can be confident you are using an industry-leading tool.

*SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. Go to for details of its ratings criteria. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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