If you’re a long-term investor and want exposure to assets that will potentially give you higher returns, the International Shares option may be suitable for you. Just remember that you need to be prepared to accept that this option could experience negative returns over the short to medium term.


To match the return of the MSCI World Developed Markets ex-Australia net dividends reinvested accumulation index, hedged after fees and tax.


10 years

Suited to investors with an investment timeframe of more than 10 years.

Investment fee1

0.10% p.a.

Investment base 0.10% p.a. and an investment performance 0.00% p.a. Total investment fee 0.10% p.a. More details on fees

Investors should be aware that a negative annual return is expected greater than six times in every 20 years.

Very high risk

Read more about the standard risk measure.

Account 3 months2 1 year2 3 years p.a.2 5 years p.a.2 7 years p.a.2 10 years p.a.2
Accumulation 3.90% 22.96% 9.42% 14.32% 12.56% 4.95%
Income 4.02% 24.72% 9.30% 15.50% 13.77% 5.88%
Asset allocation3 Ranges4
0.1% 0 - 10%
International shares6 99.9% 90 - 100%

Fund managers

The portfolio is passively managed by State Street Global Advisors, with currency exposures fully hedged back to Australian dollars.

Geographic breakdown and composition
The geographic breakdown and composition of the international shareholdings managed by State Street Global Advisors was:

Region %
North America 62.5%
Europe 24.3%
Japan 8.7%
Asia-Pacific ex Japan 2.1%
Cash/liquidity 2.4%
Other 0.2%
Futures 0.0%

International shareholdings

The International Shares option invests in shares listed in the MSCI World Developed Markets ex-Australia index.

Top 20 international shares by value.

# Stock
1 Apple Incorporated
2 Alphabet Incorporated
3 Microsoft Corporation
4 Amazon.com Incorporated
5 Johnson & Johnson
6 Facebook
7 Exxon Mobil Corporation
8 JPMorgan Chase and Company
9 Nestle
10 Wells Fargo & Company
11 Bank of America
12 AT&T Incorporated
13 Proctor & Gamble Company
14 Berkshire Hathaway
15 Pfizer Incorporated
16 Citigroup
17 Home Depot
18 Chevron Corp
19 HSBC Holdings
20 Comcast Corporation

1. The investment base fee and investment performance fee figures are based on the actual fee for the year ended 31 March 2017 and may differ from the future fee. Past fees should not be taken as an indication of future fees as each year the expenses of managing QSuper’s investment options may vary. Both the investment fee and an administration fee of 0.20% are deducted daily from the unit price before the unit price is declared. You may be charged additional fees for insurance and other services, but you’ll find all the information in the QSuper Product Disclosure Statement for Accumulation and Income Accounts
2. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. For periods of one year or less, the return is net of fees and tax. For periods greater than one year, the return is a compound annualised return, net of fees and tax.
3. These figures have been rounded for member reporting.
4. QSuper has the flexibility to invest within these predetermined ranges.
5. This option is fully invested in international shares, however, it may be appropriate to hold up to 10% in cash to accommodate market changes and timing of transactions.
6. The international shares asset class is passively managed by State Street Global Advisors (SSgA).The funds managed by SSgA include an allocation to cash. SSgA's allocation to cash is captured in the international shares asset allocation range of 90%-100%.