If you’re a short to medium-term investor who wants steady returns, the Diversified Bonds option may be suitable for you. However you should be prepared for the value of your investment to have some small movements over the short term.


To match the return of a 40% Australian and 60% International Diversified Bond Index (hedged in $AUD) after fees and tax.


3 years

Suited to investors with an investment timeframe of more than 3 years.

Total fee1

0.52% p.a.

Total fee includes administration fees (0.16%), investment fees and indirect cost ratio.
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Investors should be aware that a negative return is expected between one and two times in every 20 years.

Low to medium risk

Read more about the standard risk measure.

As at 30 June 2019

Account 3 months2 1 year2 3 years p.a.2 5 years p.a.2 7 years p.a.2 10 years p.a.2
Accumulation 2.30% 6.41% 2.83% 3.76% 4.43% 6.15%
Income 2.71% 7.56% 3.31% 4.37% 5.15% 6.61%

As at 31 March 2019

Asset allocation Ranges
0% 0 - 10%
Fixed interest4 100% 90 - 100%

Fund managers

The fund's investments are managed by QIC and invested in the QIC Diversified Fixed Interest Fund.

Geographic breakdown
The geographic breakdown of the QIC Diversified Fixed Interest Fund was:

Region %
Australia 40.3%
US 25.9%
Europe 24.6%
Asia 0.7%
Other 8.6%

The composition of the QIC Diversified Fixed Interest Fund was:

Asset type %
Securitised 2.1%
Semi-Government 30.0%
Sovereign 14.7%
Cash (Liquidity) 9.1%
Corporate 44.2%
Other 0.0%

1. This figure comprises of the investment fee and indirect cost ratio which are based on the fees and costs for the financial year ended 30 June 2019 and the administration fee. The total fees and any other applicable fees are deducted daily from the unit price before the unit price is declared and may differ from future fees and costs.
2. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. For periods of one year or less, the return is net of fees and tax. For periods greater than one year, the return is a compound annualised return, net of fees and tax.
3. The option is generally fully invested in a single asset class, however, it may be appropriate to hold up to 10% in cash to accommodate market changes and timing of transactions.
4. Fixed interest is defined as any interest bearing security or equivalent derivative instrument. The fixed interest asset class is managed by QIC and invested in the QIC Diversified Fixed Interest Fund. The asset allocation within the QIC Diversified Fixed Interest Fund includes an allocation to cash that is at the discretion of QIC and as such may vary from time to time. QIC's allocation to cash is captured in the fixed interest asset allocation range of 90%-100%.