When wouldn't I receive an Income Protection benefit?

Income protection pays you an income if you're not able to work for a period of time due to illness or injury. To receive an income protection payment you must be suffering from a total and temporary disablement or partial and temporary disablement – you’ll find these definitions in our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide.

We will, however, not pay you an income protection benefit where your claim is due to any of the following (directly or indirectly):

  • you are not eligible* to have income protection cover
  • declared war or acts of war
  • you were on active service in the armed forces of any country or international organisation – if you’re in the Australian Defence Force Reserves, this only applies if you’ve been called up for active service
  • criminal activity you are convicted of
  • a deliberate self-inflicted act or injury, attempted suicide or deliberate self destruction (regardless of whether you were sane or insane)
  • if it is determined your condition is a pre-existing condition and you have a pre-existing exclusion period attached to your cover, or other exclusions apply
  • a pandemic illness that occurs within 30 days of your cover starting or recommencing
  • you are no longer an Australian resident.

An income protection benefit is also not payable if you are unemployed at your date of disablement. The only exception to this is if you are a casual employee, where your cover will continue for three months from the last day you attended work (unless your employment has been terminated).

Any cover that is subject to a pre-existing exclusion period won’t be paid if your injury or illness is related either directly or indirectly to an event that happened in the 12 months before you applied for the cover and you have not served the pre-existing exclusion period.

*Am I eligible for cover?

To receive default cover, and apply for additional cover, you must first meet three basic requirements:

If you are not an Australian resident and we give you cover, or you stop being an Australian resident, you can of course cancel your cover.

Please refer to our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further information on terms, conditions and eligibility.

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