How much income protection cover can I have?

If you’re eligible for default income protection cover with QSuper, your default cover pays you a total benefit of 87.75 per cent of your insured salary which includes a contribution replacement benefit of 12.75 per cent of your insured salary. If you receive default cover, we will cap your total benefit at $20,000 per month. However, if 87.75 per cent of your insured salary is more than that, we’ll let you know that you'll need to provide us with health and other information in order to apply for cover above that level. 

You can apply for more cover up to a maximum total benefit of $50,0001 per month, but this will be reduced to $30,000 per month after two years of payments. Your cover can never be more than 87.75 per cent of your insured salary (or pre-disability income, if you hold unitised cover).

$50,000 per month is calculated as 87.75 per cent of the first $410,256 of annual income plus 62.75% of the next $382,470 of annual income; expressed as a monthly amount. These figures include a contribution replacement benefit.

Please note this information is a general summary only. Please refer to our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further information on terms, conditions and eligibility.