We’re here to help and provide the right level of support for you to change your business processes to make the transition to Employer Direct as seamless as possible.

As part of the transition process QSuper will provide support during set up, transition and ongoing business as usual operations.

We have a dedicated transition team to work with you to prepare for the change and ensure your documents are in a compliant format.  They will also provide you with any training your teams need.  They will be there to support you when you lodge your first contribution in Employer Direct.

Once you have completed the preparation phase of your transition, our transition team will work with you to understand the training requirements for your business to develop a training approach relevant for you and to ensure you are comfortable with the functionality of the system and are able to load a contributions file, generate reports and manage your employer profile.

A comprehensive user guide is also available to help you learn how to use Employer Direct.   

A one hour face-to-face classroom training session will be available for you to attend if you feel that you need further support.

If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled sessions, we will work with you to ensure that your training is delivered through an alternative solution.

Documentation will be provided at these sessions to support your learning and also allow you to continue exploring Employer Direct in your own time. 

These resources cover key aspects of the system and can be used to share information with other members of your team who do not attend the classroom sessions. Topics will include uploading a file, creating and maintaining members and generating reports.

View training videos

When submitting your contribution you should always have the User Guide, Validations Guide and QSuper Contribution File Specification on hand. These reference documents tell you how to use the system, outline what the rules are and will let you know what certain errors and warnings mean.