Employer Direct has been developed specifically for QSuper, and provides employers with a compliant solution for the new SuperStream data and payment standards. It’s also your one-stop shop for all your employee superannuation contributions as it can process both QSuper and any Choice contributions you may have for other funds.

QSuper offers training through multiple channels to ensure you are comfortable with the system. Videos are available which show you how to upload a file, create and maintain members and generate reports.

Face-to-face training can also be provided for your first contribution to support you through this important first step. 

When submitting your contribution you should always have the User Guide, Validations Guide and QSuper Contribution File Specification on hand. These reference documents tell you how to use the system, outline what the rules are and will let you know what certain errors and warnings mean. 

Monthly updates are made to the Portal to make the system easier for you to use. These updates will be made available as documents you can download from this section of the website.