Even if QSuper is the default fund for your employees, eligible employees have the option to choose their own super fund.

Your obligations as an employer (from the ATO)

Under the choice of fund legislation, you need to:

    • Start paying contributions into an employees’ nominated fund within two months of the employee submitting a choice of fund form
    • Provide a standard choice form to new employees within 28 days of starting employment.

Employers are not required to provide choice of fund forms to employees who joined before 1 July 2017, unless they request one. More information is available on the ATO website.

As QSuper is your default fund, your employee doesn’t need to complete any forms for their super contributions to be paid to QSuper. A QSuper account will automatically be opened for your employees on receipt of your contributions, unless they specify otherwise.

QSuper is here to support you and your employees

QSuper can help you understand employer obligations and work with you to offer programs that may improve the financial wellbeing of your employees. QSuper can also give you information and resources about super to provide to your employees. This includes information about the benefits of being a QSuper member, along with where to access more support.

You can provide the following information and forms to your new employees:

  • Choosing your super fund factsheet - this factsheet provides new employees with information about the benefits of being a QSuper member and how to choose a super fund.
  • QSuper Nomination Form - for employees who have an existing QSuper account and would like you to continue to pay into this account, rather than having an additional account opened.
  • Choose Your Super Fund - this form can be used by your employees if they wish to select a fund other than QSuper. It can be used instead of the ATO Standard Choice form.

We're here to help

To access useful super resources, get in touch with your Relationship Manager or our Employer Solutions team at any time or email us at employer_help@qsuper.qld.gov.au for more information.