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There are a couple of ways: 
  • through Member Online by logging in and editing your details in 'Your Profile' 
  • by calling our contact centre

If you’re currently employed by the Queensland Government, you should also let your payroll office know about your new address. Each fortnight, your payroll details are sent to us, and they may overwrite the changes you make on our website.

Just complete an investment switch using Member Online. You can request a switch whenever you like3>, and there’s no fee for making a switch.

To find out more about the options available to you, visit our investment choice section.

All you need to do is take these two simple steps.

You can view your account balance 24 hours a day/7 days a week, using Member Online

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If you forget your username or password, just can use the 'Forgot username' or 'Forgot password' features on the Member Online login page.
If your online account has been disabled, please give us a call. Once we confirm your details over the phone, we’ll re-activate your account.
To register for Member Online, you’ll need your client number, which you’ll find on your latest benefit statement. You'll also need to enter some personal information, which should match the information we have on record. If you have any trouble registering, please get in touch.
You need Adobe Reader to open forms, factsheets, newsletters, and product disclosure statements on our website. Documents that require Adobe Reader to view, end with the file extension pdf. If you don't already have this software you can download it for free from Adobe.

If you are having problems using our site, we recommend you upgrade to one of our supported web browsers.

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QSuper membership is only open to current and former Queensland Government employees and their spouses. We can accept contributions from members, their spouses, and their employers. 

QSuper members who have left QSuper aren't eligible to become members again, unless they’re re-employed by the Queensland Government, or join as a spouse.

If you’re changing jobs to another Queensland Government or related entity, you can give your QSuper account details to your new employer. Or they can register the change with us directly. If you’re changing jobs to a non-Queensland Government employer, it’s a slightly different process
‘Sacrificing’ your salary isn’t as scary as it sounds. Put simply, it’s when some of the salary that would usually go to your regular pay packet is diverted to your super instead. Our salary sacrifice web page has a calculator, guide and case studies, all designed to help you decide whether salary sacrificing is right for you.
As a first step, visit our voluntary contributions web page, where you'll find our Personal Contributions Guide, along with the form you’ll need to make a voluntary contribution.
To find out, visit our super co-contributions page where you can also try our super co-contributions calculator, and download a Deposit form.
To find out more about opening an account for your spouse, visit our spouse contributions page. You can read case studies and download our product disclosure statement.

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We contribute towards the cost of any member seeking personal advice by QInvest1 about their QSuper benefit2. The fee you’ll pay is calculated according to the type of advice you receive, and in most cases, a portion can be deducted from your QSuper account.

QInvest offers different types of advice and the right type of advice for you will depend on your personal situation.

Find out more about QInvest's fees.

If you're looking for quick and cost-effective advice on a specific topic (like salary sacrificing for example), QInvest's phone advice is the best option. If you want a full financial plan, QInvest's comprehensive advice would suit you better.
If you need advice on a specific topic, you can speak to a QInvest Financial Adviser over the phone through our phone advice service. They also offer in-depth financial solutions with their comprehensive advice service. Comprehensive advice can be given over the phone or face-to-face.

Online Advice is exclusive to QSuper members. Simply log into Member Online and select Online Advice for general and personal advice on some areas of your superannuation. Find our more about Online Advice.

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Money Map is a new service allowing members to view and manage all savings, loans, investments superannuation, and credit card accounts in a secure online dashboard – giving a complete picture of your current financial position. Money Map is exclusive to QSuper members and available by logging into Member Online and selecting Money Map.

Money Map offers a range of tools to put you in control of your finances. By exploring new ways to manage your spending or by starting a new savings plan, feel more confident about your financial future.

Money Map utilises the latest security and encryption systems to protect your personal and financial information. The username and password information you input to add your financial accounts to Money Map is immediately encrypted and stored in a secure database. These credentials are then used to access your financial information in read-only mode so they can never be used to perform transactions on your bank accounts.

All bank accounts linked to Money Map are automatically updated each time you log in, with the exception of Manual Accounts. The balance and transactions for these accounts need to be updated manually.

Looking for help with using Money Map?  Simply send us an email.  If you’d prefer to speak to us in person, we’re always happy to help you, please contact us.

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1. QInvest Limited (ABN 35 063 511 580, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence number 238274) is ultimately owned by the QSuper Board (ABN 32 125 059 006) as trustee for the QSuper Fund (ABN 60 905 115 063). It’s a separate legal entity, responsible for the financial services and credit services it provides.
2. The circumstances where we will not be able to contribute towards the cost of advice include where: (i) you have more than two advice appointments in a financial year; (ii) the advice does not relate to your QSuper benefit; (iii) you require assistance with implementing your advice or require periodic reviews; or you have recurring advice needs.
3. The QSuper Board has the right to limit the number of switches you make.