The power of compound interest

Over time, even the smallest amounts can grow substantially. This calculator shows you how much your regular savings may add up over time. You can print your result, and come back and update the info you entered if things change.


This calculator compounds interest in the same periods as you’ve chosen to make savings. So it’s designed to provide an estimate of how long it will take to reach your target rather than provide an exact result. You may want to check with your savings product provider in regard to actual interest calculations.

For this projection, a net investment return (expected earnings) of 0% after fees and taxes has been used, unless you change it. Neither the amount saved each period nor the target amount have been increased for inflation, which you may wish to consider if you’re saving for something over a significant period.

The calculator doesn’t replace personal financial advice and you should seek specific professional advice prior to acting on any information. We also recommend you read our disclaimer.