Wednesday, 14 October 2015

This week marks six months since our first blog post. When we started out our intention was to use this blog as a way to tell you more about QSuper’s investment philosophy and strategy. As a subscriber to the belief that super funds should be able to tell you what they are doing, I’m not just talking about how and where your retirement savings are invested but also explaining the role we play in helping you achieve an adequate retirement income.

As a team we are regular presenters at member seminars and receive feedback that there is a proportion of our members who want to know more about how and why we invest the way we do. So through this blog we have attempted to do just that; and also to share with you some of the challenges we face and how we think about them.

Over the last six years we have introduced a range of initiatives that have repositioned QSuper as one of the most innovative funds of its type in meeting the financial needs of its members. One of these initiatives was to establish the investment team and capability that is in place at the Fund today. This gave us the unusual opportunity to think from a relatively clean sheet of paper about how to best meet the needs of the members we work on behalf of. Coincidentally, these deliberations were occurring in the immediate aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

Both of these factors heavily influenced our thinking as we identified a need for different approach. This required different strategies and measures of success that were aligned to our members’ financial wellbeing. We still have plenty more to talk about as we continue on this journey, however this seems like a good time to stop and ask what you would like to know about!

For example is there something that we haven’t yet covered that you’d like to know more about? Is there something that we’ve previously raised in the blog that you’d like explaining in more detail? Or is there an aspect of investing for retirement that just doesn’t make sense to you? Please let us know sing the comments section below.

In the meantime we thank you for your interest and questions so far, it’s great to hear your views.

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