Supporting you

Our sponsorship philosophy is simple:

We support organisations that support our members and their communities

This includes employers across key sectors of health, education, and front-line emergency services.

If you would like us to consider your sponsorship proposal, you should, as a general rule, ensure your sponsorship is primarily aimed at helping our members improve their financial wellbeing.

We receive a lot of applications, so you will need to allow at least three to six months lead time from the date you submit your proposal to the start date of your event, project, or initiative.

Please note that sponsorship exclusivity is important to us, especially exclusivity in the categories of superannuation and financial planning.

Logo exposure is important but is not our primary goal; we prefer to create long-term partnerships that offer genuine shared value.

Sponsorship guidelines

Our purpose is to champion pride in service, recognising and supporting the important work our members do every day in their communities.

We look for partnerships and sponsorships that:

  • Enable better financial outcomes for our members and their communities
  • Provide opportunities for education and learning messages around super
  • Support key sectors of health, education, emergency services and Queensland Government
  • Offer exclusive and meaningful content and stories
  • Provide opportunities for key business networking and/or contact with members
  • Are focused in Queensland
  • Opportunities for QSuper employees to participate in a meaningful way

What you need to tell us

Key details and objectives of the opportunity:

  • Your values
  • Your intended target audience
  • Your timeline, including important deadlines (allow at least three months lead time from the date you submit your proposal to the date of your event or project)
  • Sponsorship options available, and a comprehensive list of costs and benefits for each option, including how they relate to QSuper’s products and services.


  • Is there opportunity for us to have exclusivity in the superannuation category?
  • If you have any other partners involved, who are they and what level of exclusivity do they have?

Marketing plan:

  • Overview of your marketing plan, and opportunities you can offer us to build awareness of the QSuper brand
  • Creative ideas about how we can use this sponsorship to connect with our target markets and to differentiate the QSuper brand from other super funds
  • Any other research to support your initiative
  • Explain your method for evaluating the success of the partnership against its objectives.

How QSuper responds to applications

  1. Initial assessment: We will assess your proposal and what our involvement might be if we decide to go ahead with it.
  2. Marketing review: All proposals are reviewed by QSuper’s Marketing team to assess suitability, feasibility, and the required manpower and monetary resources.
  3. Response: We will let you know the outcome of your proposal within six weeks of receiving it.

How to apply

Send us your sponsorship proposal by emailing