Helping those who help our communities. We believe it is important to show our support for those who work hard in our communities. Take a look at who we’ve partnered with in 2015.

Our sponsorship philosophy is simple: we support organisations that support our members. It’s a strategy that helps us build real connections and showcase the benefits of being a member with us. It’s also an opportunity for us to provide information, education and advice in an engaging and relevant way.

If you’d like us to consider your sponsorship proposal, please have a read through our sponsorship guidelines. We use a set of sponsorship principles to assess the suitability of each of the proposals we receive. As a general rule, you should ensure your sponsorship is directed primarily towards our members, and helps them improve their retirement outcome in some way.

We receive a lot of applications, so you’ll need to allow at least three months lead time from the date you submit your form to the date of your event or project.

Sponsorship Guidelines

At QSuper we’re all about supporting great causes so if your organisation has a great partnership opportunity, we’d love to hear all about it.

To create a compelling proposal for us to consider, please tailor your proposals with the following guidelines in mind.

Things we’ll be looking out for:

  • Opportunities that benefit a large portion of our member base
  • Initiatives based in Queensland
  • A natural fit with our brand and what we’re all about
  • The ability to contribute to the wellbeing of our members and employees
  • Opportunities for educational messages around super
  • The ability to leverage over time and geographic footprint
  • Provision of exclusive and meaningful content for our website / social media channels
  • Opportunities for key business networking and/or contact with key members of the Queensland Government
  • Other event-related benefits that we can pass along to a large portion of our member base. Feel free to use your imagination!
  • Opportunities for QSuper employees to participate in a meaningful way.

What you need to tell us:

  • Key details and objectives of the opportunity
  • What your brand values are and how they align with ours
  • Your target audience, including the number of expected QSuper members your initiative will be promoted to, as well as how many QSuper members will be attending/taking part in your initiative
  • The sponsorship options available, including costs and comprehensive list of benefits of each option, including how they relate to us and our products and services
  • Overview of your marketing plan, and opportunities you can offer us to communicate to our members
  • If you have any other partners involved
  • Creative ideas about how we can use this sponsorship and the benefits to connect with our target markets, and to differentiate the QSuper brand from other superfunds
  • Your timeline, including important deadlines
  • If you have any other research to support your initiative
  • Your method of evaluating the success of the partnership against its objectives

What we’ll do

  1. We’ll get reading – we’ll need some time to assess your proposal (and plan our involvement if we decide to go ahead with it), so please allow at least three to six months lead time from the date you submit your proposal to the start date of your initiative.
  2. We’ll talk to our people – all proposals are reviewed by QSuper’s Sponsorship Specialist together with our internal Sponsorship Committee to assess suitability, feasibility and the resources required (human and monetary) to proceed. Once we’ve taken a look over your proposal, and it’s one we’d like to pursue, we’ll present it to our Head of Group Marketing for approval.
  3. We’ll get in touch – we’ll get in touch to let you know the outcome of your proposal within six weeks.

Some handy hints:

  • Sponsorship exclusivity is important to us (especially in the super and financial planning space)
  • Logo exposure is considered a bonus but isn’t the primary goal of sponsorship
  • We like to partner with organisations that carry out audience research during and/or after the event/initiative, including asking questions about our involvement and providing results back to us.

Sound like we’re a good match?

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