The right to information is an initiative of the Queensland Government. It’s designed to give the community better access to information, and it’s been in effect since 1 July 2009 (after replacing the Freedom of Information Act 1992).

You can find out more about both pieces of legislation on the Queensland Government's Right to Information website.

The QSuper Board of Trustees (the QSuper Board) will provide you with information about the QSuper Board - and their membership and account – when you join, and then once every year (and at other times on request). In most cases, requests for information can be handled under our administrative release process.

The public can access information about QSuper in the following ways:

  • under the QSuper Board's Publication Scheme
  • by contacting us
  • through our administrative release process
  • using a Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application under the RTI Act or the IP Act


To find out more about our administrative release process (or about making a request for access to information under the RTI Act or IP Act), have a read through the Release of Information fact sheet, or get in touch with us.

It’s important to make applications to access information under the RTI Act and the IP Act using the approved form, which can be downloaded or completed online.

If the information you’d like to access isn’t available on our website, or you’d like to provide other feedback about right to information, please contact us.

We’re committed to protecting your privacy. The privacy page has more information about how we collect, use and disclose your personal information, as well as details about your privacy while you’re on our website.