We've made some improvements to Member Online

Friday, 12 December 2014

You’ll see we’ve added some new features so it’s now even easier for you to manage your super.

You can now use Member Online to:

  • Find your super and consolidate – you can check for any super you may have with another super fund, and if you find any, you can roll it into QSuper so it’s easier to manage. Or if you know where your super is, you can bring it across from your other fund and consolidate it easily too.

And if you’re one of our Income account members you can also:

  • Change your reversionary beneficiary – you can now nominate online who receives your Income account in the event of your death.
  • Change your Income account drawdown – you can now also change the drawdown order of your investments. So if you’d prefer to take all of your money out of one investment option before another, now you can.

Log in to Member Online now to get started.