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The information provided in this Redundancy section is only applicable to Queensland Government employees.

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Redundancy is the term generally used to refer to the situation when workplace change results in redundant positions or functions. We understand that leaving your job due to redundancy can be stressful and may prompt you to consider your financial future and superannuation. We've provided some information which may be helpful if you are receiving or considering a redundancy package.

Types of payment

If you're eligible to receive a redundancy benefit from your employer, it may be split into several types of payment.

QSuper benefit

If you receive a redundancy package you have a few options to consider with your QSuper benefit.


Finishing work with a Queensland Government or related entity employer may affect the insurance you hold through QSuper.

Useful links

We've provided some useful links to help you find more information.

Financial advice

We've provided some information on the types of financial advice available to you through QInvest1 if you're dealing with redundancy.

1. QInvest Limited (ABN 35 063 511 580, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence number 238274) is ultimately owned by the QSuper Board (ABN 32 125 059 006) as trustee for the QSuper Fund (ABN 60 905 115 063), and is a separate legal entity which is responsible for the financial services and credit services it provides.

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QSuper Redundancy seminar
For more in-depth information about how receiving a redundancy package could impact your financial future, register to attend one of our Redundancy seminars.
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QSuper Redundancy webinar
Alternatively, if you are not able to make one of our Redundancy seminars, register for one of our Redundancy webinars today.
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Need further assistance?

We're here to help, call our Redundancy Hotline on
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We can provide you with information to help you consider your options, or connect you with a QInvest1 financial adviser for more personal financial advice.