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Accumulation account

An Accumulation account allows you to actively participate in the growth of your super and select investments that suit your attitude to risk and return.

Key features

How much do I contribute?

As a new QSuper member employed by the Queensland Government or related entity, you'll start making a 5% (6% for police officers) standard contribution of your base salary into an Accumulation account, while your employer contributes 12.75% (18% for police officers). You can pay less, however this means that your employer will also pay less. There are different arrangements that apply to casual employees. Please refer to the QSuper Accumulation Account PDS to find out more.

You pay Your employer pays
2% 9.75%
3% 10.75%
4% 11.75%
5% 12.75%

Please note: police officers have different contribution rates.

If you are employed by a non-Queensland Government employer you are not required to make a standard contribution. These employers are only required to contribute the legislated super guarantee amount (currently 9.5%).

How is my retirement benefit calculated?

Your benefit is simply contributions and investment returns, less fees, tax, and insurance premiums.