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Pay Off Your Loan Faster Calculator

How long will it take to pay off your loan?

From the information you've provided, this calculator will work out how long it may take to pay off your loan. Then you can experiment with different repayments and frequencies to see how this affects the time taken and interest paid on your loan. You can then compare that to your original result.

Try taking half a monthly payment and paying it fortnightly, or perhaps paying a few extra dollars to see the effect on your loan. You may be able to pay it off faster than you think!

Pay off your loan faster


This tool calculates interest in the same periods as you have chosen to make repayments. Repayments are assumed to be unchanged over the period of the loan (i.e. they have not been increased for inflation). It is therefore designed to provide an estimate of how long it will take to pay out your loan rather than provide an exact result. You may wish to check with your lender in regard to actual interest calculations and payout times.

This calculator does not replace personal financial advice and you should seek specific professional advice prior to acting on any information. QSuper also recommends you read our disclaimer.