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Retirement planning

Retirement Income

Estimate the income your super could provide in retirement, and whether you're on track to live the lifestyle you want.

NOTE: You need Adobe Flash Player to use the Retirement Income Calculator.

Income Account Payment

Determine how long your retirement nest egg may last.

Life Expectancy

How long will you need to provide for yourself in retirement?


Reach Your Savings Target

Got something you are saving for? Work out how to reach your savings target.

Watch Your Savings Grow

Watch the power of compounding interest and see what your savings could add up to.

Net Wealth Planner

List what you own and what you owe, to check out how much you are worth.

Budget Planner

Input your income and expenses to see how you are travelling. Or prepare a budget for your retirement.

Maximise your super

Salary Sacrifice (for Queensland Government Employees)

See the difference that paying your Standard Contributions before tax can make! Why not also see what benefits can be had by reinvesting any saving you may receive back into super.

Salary Sacrifice (for non-Queensland Government Employees)

See the difference that paying super before tax can make to your take home pay and your super balance.


What if the Commonwealth Government added money into your super? See what they pay for your income level.


Investment Choice

Mix and match QSuper's nine investment options to find a mix that's right for you.

Investment Switch Allocation

This calculator may help you complete QSuper's Investment switch form.

Debt reduction

Reducing Your Debt

How long will it take to pay off your debts? How you pay them could save you interest!

Pay Off Your Loan Faster

See how different repayments affect the length of your loan and the total you pay.

Need assistance?

These tools and calculators are designed to help you explore your options and work towards building a superannuation nest egg that will meet your retirement needs.

If you need help in using these calculators contact us.